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ACCEPTED: Application - înnos

Posted: 02 Sep 2009, 15:42
by Innos
About your character:leet and sweet!
Character name:înnos
Armory link: ... %C3%8Ennos
Your primary professions:Blacksmith/miner
Do you wish to raid with us?well im a fromer hardcore player and heard that u guys take it a little easy that why,
Short guild history:well come from a former guild on shadowsong called Beyondinfinity hardcore raider guild thats all.
Raiding experience (if any)all classic raids/TBC been to naxx 10/25 ulduar 10/25 voa eye and (OS 25 with 2 drakes before nerf.

About you:well not much to say a sick guy that use all his time at home =/
Your age:23
Where are you from:Denmark
Why do you want to join Soleil Noir? well have a friend named talion on the server and said it should be a nice guild and so on,
How did you hear about us? from a friend
Anything you'd still like to tell us? yeah im 1337 enough for molten core!!!

Re: Application-înnos

Posted: 02 Sep 2009, 15:54
by Morgiah
Welcome to our forums,

your application shall be discussed and you shall be given an answer in few days.

Re: ACCEPTED: Application - înnos

Posted: 03 Sep 2009, 07:52
by Mud
We have agreed to invite you for a trial. Whisper any of the officers (Vanye, Morgiah, Kesha, Gazo or me) for an invite when you're online.

Welcome aboard!