ACCEPTED: Application - Avantgarde

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ACCEPTED: Application - Avantgarde

#1 Post by Avantgarde » 25 Aug 2009, 17:36

Character name: Avantgarde
Class: Death Knight
Level: 79
Armory link: ... ntgarde&gn
Your primary professions: Mining 450, Herbalism 409
Do you wish to raid with us? Yes but i don't have time to come fto each raid
Short guild history: Equinox the ppl in that guild were too cold and i didn't liked that
Raiding experience (if any):I was just in dungeons, this is my main char

About you:
Your age: 18
Where are you from: Romania
Why do you want to join Soleil Noir? I want to be part of a good and friendly guild
How did you hear about us? You were recruiting in dalaran
Anything you'd still like to tell us? Nothing

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Re: Application-Avantgrade

#2 Post by Babs » 25 Aug 2009, 18:08

Thank you for your application, Avant.

We will discuss your application and post the results soon.


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Re: Application - Avantgarde

#3 Post by Mud » 26 Aug 2009, 15:25

Assuming this is your first character, you're lacking experience in dungeons to be a solid addition at the moment. Nevertheless we have decided to give you a chance and accept you for a trial membership.

Whisper any of the officers (Vanye, Ceara, Morgiah or me) or Gazo, Kesha for an invite when you're online.

Welcome aboard!
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