Soleil Noir is recruiting

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Soleil Noir is recruiting

#1 Post by Mud » 30 Jun 2009, 18:13

"Three years have passed since the creation of Soleil Noir. What once started as a means of avoiding ninja-guild invites, has become this obscure, french-titled guild. Our members gathered from different corners of Azeroth, each with their own story. Casuals, ex-raiders ... even a renegade, murdering gnome found a home with us. Fate however, decided that we need to combine our forces with more adventurers like us. The threat of Naxxramas can no longer be ignored, the lich king's lackeys there must be dealt with at once!"


Such are the tidings. We are now open to recruit a number of people who share our interests. We are a bunch who enjoy the casual side of the game. Trying to see as many aspects of the game as possible without sacrificing too much time to do so. We play as long as we want to, not as long as we're supposed to, to attain our goals.

10-man Naxxramas is what we're aiming for first. Where we'll end up, and what the future will bring is completely uncertain. Will we get the best epic gear? Hell no! Will we have a truckload of fun and challenges? Hell yes!

If you can find yourself in this point of view, then we invite you to whisper us ingame or make an application here on the forum.

Will you be first in with us, when we ram the Naxxramas doors?

Soleil Noir
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